Factoring Software

File Paperwork from Anywhere at Any Time

RTS Financial’s exclusive Invoice Manager software lets you create invoices, submit purchase documents and receive transcripts in your factoring account. This easy-to-use online technology helps you save time, reduce paperwork and, best of all, get paid faster. Invoice Manager also provides an account history of all your past factoring transactions.

You can use Invoice Manager in the Customer Center of RTSFinancial.com, or you can access the mobile version on the CarrierPro mobile app. CarrierPro allows you to upload documents and images from your phone or tablet to your account on Invoice Manager.

Capabilities of Invoice Manager Include:

  • Easy uploading of invoice documents
  • Bulk importing of documents and spreadsheets
  • Online access to your account history
  • Uploading of invoice documents and images from your phone or tablet through CarrierPro

To learn more about accessing Invoice Manager on CarrierPro, contact us today at (855) 851-1005.