Eight Reasons Why Truckers Love Our Fuel Card

Fuel Savings

Our affiliate, RTS Carrier Services, is one of the fastest-growing fuel card programs in the country today. Here are eight reasons why over 10,000 trucking companies have chosen the RTS Carrier Services fuel card and love how it is helping their business:

1. Significant Savings on Diesel

Fuel card members save an average of 14 cents per gallon when they fuel up in the RTS Carrier Services Fuel Network. With access to more than 1,250 affiliated fuel stops nationwide, customers can earn point-of-sale discounts wherever their trucks run.

2. Pilot Flying J

RTS Carrier Services offers significant fuel discounts at more than 700 Pilot and Flying J travel centers. Fuel card members can also pay less at the pump at over 550 additional locations like Sapp. Bros., Sunoco and many others in the RTS Plus Network.

3. Credit Lines

RTS Carrier Services’ weekly credit lines of as much as $2,500 per truck help carriers manage their cash flow and operating expenses.

4. Discount Programs

In addition to savings on diesel, the RTS Carrier Services fuel card provides discounts on maintenance, tires, IFTA filings, document scanning, lodging and more. With a commitment to helping trucking companies save on every possible expense, the RTS Carrier Services team continues to add new discount programs for fuel card members.

5. Superb Customer Service

Each fuel card member has a dedicated representative at RTS Carrier Services who can address specific questions or concerns. More than 96% of members say they are “very satisfied” with their interactions with RTS Carrier Services, and would recommend the fuel card to a friend.

6. Free Credit Reports

Members have unlimited access to RTS Credit, which provides credit and days-to-pay information on more than 50,000 brokers and shippers nationwide.

7. CarrierPro

The exclusive CarrierPro browser and mobile phone app enables fuel card members to search for the best diesel discounts throughout the RTS Carrier Services Fuel Network. Additional functions are being added to CarrierPro that include trip management, credit data, and invoice factoring.

8. A Better Factoring Experience

Since 1995, RTS Financial has provided factoring solutions that help trucking fleets of all sizes improve cash flow and grow at a faster pace. The same-day funding of invoices through RTS Financial is scalable, meaning it can increase to match your company’s growth.