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Paying for Diesel Fuel with Cash Versus Credit

Cash versus credit pricing is exactly like it sounds – a merchant selling fuel may charge a customer different prices based on how they choose to pay for their fuel, whether using cash or credit card. The cash price is less expensive than the credit price. This is because when a fuel station charges more for credit fuel purchases (or less for cash), they are trying to offset the processing fees they are being charged by credit card companies every time their customers swipe a card.


Freight Forwarder vs. Freight Broker

The logistics industry is very complex, and there are a lot of moving parts to ensure that freight gets to its destination hitch-free and in perfect condition. While moving big shipments across the world, the journey often takes weeks, passes through many hands and involves a number of intermediaries. With such an elaborate process, it is important to understand the roles of everyone involved and what their impact is.

Here are the significant differences between freight brokers and freight forwarders:


How to Start a Trucking Company


License and Permit Checklist for Starting a Trucking Company


How to Write a Business Plan for Your Trucking Company

Do you have a plan for growing your trucking company? If so, you need to put that plan on paper.

A business plan is the most effective way to explain the stability and goals of your company. Banks, investors and other potential partners may ask to see your business plan. Having a well-crafted document to share makes a strong statement about your company.

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